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Philips HeartStart OnSite AED

What’s included:

• Philips HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator
• 8-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
• Philips OnSite Adult SMART Pads Cartridge
• Philips OnSite Lithium Battery Pack (4-year warranty)
• Philips OnSite User’s Manual
• Philips OnSite Quick Use Guide
• Philips Standard Carrying Case (optional, other carrying cases available)
• Fast Response Kit (optional)

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Easy to use
  • Made for people who have never used a defibrillator.
  • Ready to use when you need it: device is delivered with battery and pads pre-installed.
  • Small, portable and lightweight (3.3 pounds with pads and battery).
  • The first and only AED available without a prescription.
  • SMART Pads sense when they are placed on the patient.
  • Voice instructions adjust to match responder actions and pace — next steps are not announced until rescuer is ready.
  • SMART Analysis automatically assesses the heart rhythm. It will not deliver a shock unless the rhythm is determined to be shockable — even if the shock button is pressed.
Step-by-step visual & audio instructions that adapts to your pace
  • Life Guidance provides simple, step-by-step voice instructions tailored to the responder’s actions through the entire process – from placing pads on the patient to performing CPR & delivering a defibrillation shock.
  • Calm & clear CPR and AED audio guidance helps you to respond quickly & confidently during a cardiac emergency.
  • Clear, intuitive visual instructions communicate instantly, with minimum reading.
Fast shocks to improve success
  • Quick Shock reduces the critical time from chest compressions to shock delivery.
  • Patented technology delivers shock treatment typically in just eight seconds.
  • SMART Biphasic delivers highly effective shock while reducing harmful side effects.
Reliable & easy to maintain
  • Built-in self tests automatically conducts 85 daily, weekly & monthly tests, including pad & battery tests.
Infants & children
  • With Infant/Child SMART Pads cartridge installed, the system automatically adjusts to a lower energy level & instructions are modified for performing infant/child CPR. (Infant/Child SMART Pads cartridge is sold separately & available only with prescription.)

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