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Philips HeartStart FR3 AED

What’s included:

• Philips HeartStart FR3 Defibrillator
• 5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
• Philips FR3 SMART Pads III
• Philips FR3 Battery Pack
• Philips FR3 User’s Manual
• Philips FR3 Quick Use Guide
• Fast Response Kit (optional)
• Medical Prescription/Authorization (add’l fee)

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Easy to use
  • Best professional-grade Philips AED with advanced features to make lifesaving faster, easier & better.
  • Fast: reduces deployment time by eliminating steps to start the right therapy.
  • Automatically powers on by opening the FR3 carry case & comes with pre-connected pads.
  • Smallest & lightest professional-grade AED (3.5lbs with pads & battery).
  • Bright, high-resolution color LCD shows text or text with ECG — great for noisy environments.
  • Bilingual configuration so voice & text prompts can be clearly understood.
  • EMS hand-off is fast & easy because FRx pads are compatible with advanced defibrillators for continuous care.
  • Can be configured with Bluetooth or FR3 data card based on medical direction & defibrillation program requirements.
  • SMART Pads lll can be used for adults & children. Pad sensors immediately adjusts shock so the right shock strength is delivered to the heart.
  • SMART Biphasic delivers highly effective shock while reducing harmful side effects.
  • Easily send, store, access & review AED patient data to help support post-event care & evaluate response performance.
  • Optional Bluetooth technology enables transmission of event data & changes to protocol configuration settings.
  • Optional data card stores 8 hours of ECG & patient event data, including 8 hours of voice recording (if desired).
Step-by-step visual & audio instructions that adapts to your pace
  • CPR Metronome keeps the beat for consistent chest compressions.
  • SMART CPR provides patient-specific treatment guidance by assessing the patient’s heart rhythm.
Fast shocks to improve success
  • Quick Shock reduces the critical time from chest compressions to shock delivery to minimize CPR interruptions.
  • Patented technology delivers shock treatment typically in just eight seconds.
Reliable & easy to maintain
  • Self tests automatically conduct daily, weekly & monthly tests including internal circuits, systems, software, battery readiness & pad functionality.
  • Long-life battery typically delivers 300 shocks or 12 hours of monitoring.
  • Rugged, reliable & built for harsh environments and conditions.
  • Tested to stringent military standards.
  • IP55 rating for protection against dust & jetting water.
Respond faster to a pediatric cardiac arrest
  • The same SMART Pads III can be used for adults and children, so there’s no need to change pads.
  • With Infant/Child Key inserted, the FR3 automatically decreases energy delivery & implements infant/child CPR protocols.

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