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Ready for Anything

Ready for Anything

Ready for Anything

A cardiac emergency rarely happens at a convenient time in a convenient place when you, the trained responder, are in a clear and responsive frame of mind.

Combine this unpredictability with the fact that the office AED may have become familiar red and white décor (like the un-watered plant near reception) practically disappearing from your field of vision and, therefore, your awareness.

One way to ensure that the AED stays on your radar is to ritualize the inspection of your AED.

Checking your AED with planned regularity can have an exponential impact on your ability to respond to a sudden cardiac arrest because…

  • It reminds you that it exists(!) and of its purpose and function
  • It triggers a reminder of your skills and the opportunity to mentally rehearse your action plan, including your direct path to the AED and how to use it.
  • It grants you peace of mind that the AED and accessories are in good working order.
What should you check?
  • “Ready” status indicator, often in the form of a green flashing light
  • Pad expiration dates.
  • Battery status or the existence of a spare battery in the unit.

With high-tech calendar applications and to-do list apps, it’s easy to put a monthly, weekly, or even daily reminder to take the afternoon walk by the office AED, check the unit, and while you’re at it, reacquaint yourself with the steps of CPR. We even have an AED checklist that you can download and use for such an occasion.

When we know what to do (CPR/AED training), and we possess the tools to do it (AED), we give ourselves the best possible chance to make a life-changing difference.