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It’s A Sign

It’s A Sign

It's A Sign

Your company has purchased AEDs, you’ve trained staff, but does anyone know where the defibrillators are located? Show off the life-saving program you just implemented. Seconds count in a cardiac emergency. Retrieving the AED when someone is unconscious should be quick and practically automatic. Good signage is critical. Regular reinforcement of AED locations will ensure you are prepared to save a life. Signage is so important that New York State passed a law requiring a sign listing the locations(s) of your AEDs at the main entrance. Essential signage locations include:

Above the AED: Use a triangular-shaped sign, like the one below, so you can see it from the various vantage points.

Main entrance: Notify visitors that your organization has deployed AEDs and detail the locations. If your visitor is a trained responder and witnesses someone collapse, this sign may save a life.

Additional suggested signage locations:

Restrooms: Staff may have a back route to the office and not see the main entrance sign, but everyone will visit the restroom.

Intranet: Create an office/campus map for the intranet denoting AED locations.

Fire/EAP Drills: While this isn’t a sign, continue to reinforce AED locations during all of your emergency training including new employee orientations, as well as fire and EAP drills.

Proper AED signage shows your employees, guests and clients that you are prepared to save a life.